The GREAT Tomato Plant Giveaway

​I am a determined woman on a mission.
I want to encourage EVERYONE to try their hand at growing their OWN tomatoes.
To that end, I will grow and give away - FOR FREE -
Organically grown heirloom and non-GMO hybrid tomato plants and other Garden Goodies.  
Worm Poop and Worm Poop Juice will be available as always.

The TWELFTH Annual GREAT Tomato Plant Giveaway will take place on
Sunday, May 15, 2022 from noon-3:00 pm
The address will be on your invitation. Be sure you're signed up. Do not ask me for it.

This is a By-Invitation-Only event. If you wish to participate, sign up.
We will be taking reservations again for tomato plants next year.

Goodies available this year include:
Cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs, jicama, leeks, onions, peppers, squash and sweet potatoes

As the new folks will see when you arrive, I am not a nursey. I do not have a greenhouse. I've got a few small LED lights inside which can handle about 6 trays, but mostly I rely on the kindness of others to pull this thing off. This year the plant fosterers include: Colin H., Bart and Chris P., Sherry and Joe T., MaryCatherine L., MaryAlice L., Olivia and Craig B., Donna D., Julia McF., and Karen W. What can I say? Without these fantastic folks, there would be no Giveaway. Mega thanks for those who helped in picking the reserved plants for 4 hours straight this past Sunday, in what I personally considered to be hurricane force winds: Sherry and Joe T., Marlana Y., MaryAlice L., MaryCatherine L., Mike S., and Jonathan S. If it weren't for these super-duper folks, reservations could not be fulfilled.

If you have never participated before and are interested in participating in 2023,
please Sign Up for our Mailing List.
All is completely FREE to all Participants.
The only way to participate is to: